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12/17/13 08:15 PM #1    

Tina Wagman (Bobker)

Welcome to the West Orange High School Class Of 1964 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

12/19/13 11:53 AM #2    

Tina Wagman (Bobker)

WELCOME EVERYONE.... how exciting we will all be celebrating together our 50th high school reunion...  i know it's hard to believe we are THAT old, but we are!!!!   in order for this website to be a success we all need to participate... so please fill in what they ask you and we will be on our way!!!!

06/08/14 07:20 PM #3    

Corinne Dopslaff (Smith)

Many many thanks to the entire committee for organizing a WONDERFUL reunion.  It was truly as much fun as I hoped it would be. We had a great turnout that reflected our great class. Thanks so much!!!

06/09/14 09:49 AM #4    

Alexis Furgess (Wintle)

What a great time we all had.  The committe did such a wonderful job!

After reading the attendance list, I wanted to shout out to, Mark Heutlinger, and Alison Lesnik, as I apprently didn't touch base with them and wanted to.  Of course there is a good chance that I did and that was after my second martini. 

In addition, I wish I could remember all the free medical advice Dickie Katz gave me. 

06/11/14 02:12 AM #5    

Arnie. Kotler

Alexis, where is the attendance list? Thanks.

06/11/14 08:44 AM #6    

Alexis Furgess (Wintle)

Hey Arnie,

Tina sent it to me per my request. Great to see you.

On another topic:  Shocked to see the class sizes of each elemntary school.  St Cloud, my school, surpassed any class I ever taught. 



06/11/14 10:21 AM #7    

Tina Wagman (Bobker)

Alexis, when I saw Arnie's post , I sent it to him. Arnie, hope you got it. 

06/12/14 04:35 PM #8    

Arnie. Kotler

Hi Tina,  Yes, I got it. Thanks!

06/12/14 07:36 PM #9    

Lisa Newman (Lazarus)

147 pictures have been posted to site under caption "Coming soon" by our photographer SIENA a WOHS student. Erika will be posting hers shortly. ENJOY!!


06/16/14 03:09 PM #10    

Arlene Juliano (Natale)

So sorry I couldn't attend the reunion.......after viewing the photos, it looks like everyone had a really good time.........kudos to the committee for capturing " a moment in time".......

Everyone looks terrific.....a special shout-out to Corinne, Rachel and Hazel Ave. buds!.........and also Frank Mirenda, my handsome Sadie Hawkins date!

Also, a special hug for Joan Iden and Jackie DeZao......seeing your photo brought back lots of good memories.

Boy, does time fly.......  

06/18/14 07:31 AM #11    

Jackalyn DeZAO (Conahan)

Hi Arlene,

I was hoping to see you at the reunion.  It was great to reconnect with everyone. I have many fond memories of those years in WOHS, and with you and Joan and so many others.  Seems the memories have lied dormant for awhile and the reunion brought them back to the surface.  It was great to see everyone. Missed seeing you there.  Hope you are well.  Take good care.

Jaci DeZao Conahan

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